KS3 Schemes of Work and Resources Update

In this post I just wanted to update you with changes I have made to the KS3 Schemes of Work and Resources (these are found in each of the ten topics).     I’ve been working on the changes for quite a while, and here is a summary:

I have checked every BBC video link. The BBC really have been cutting back on their video provision, so I have deleted all links that no longer work.  Hopefully what’s left will work, but I can’t guarantee that the BBC haven’t made further changes!

All page references have been updated to reflect the page changes in the latest CGP Study Guide. Please be aware that CGP have introduced ‘Higher’ and ‘Foundation’ versions of the book.  The ‘Higher’ version is exactly the same as the one we’ve been using – it’s just been re-branded.

All Word worksheets are now available in PDF format.

All worksheets have been re-sourced, and I have also included a folder (Dir) for every topic (Year 7 and Year 8) containing the mark schemes.

In every topic and Year I have included at least one SATs exam paper and mark scheme – this will give you an idea of progress!

I hope that all of these changes work OK for you – do let me know if you have any questions about the KS3 video course and resources.